Friday, April 10, 2015

Vintage Linens Wreath for Spring

I love old embroidered linens.  LOVE them.  It's wonderful to hold something in my hands that was lovingly made so long ago.  I have a stash of these that are mostly stained or damaged in some way.  I know I can make pillows from some of them, but I wanted to find another way to use them.  Sometimes inspiration strikes when we least expect it.  In this case, it was two straw wreath forms at a thrift store that gave me my 'aha' moment.

First, I wrapped the entire straw form in strips from a vintage white sheet.  Next,
simply cut out the pretty parts of your old stained linens and arrange them around your straw wreath form.  I also wrapped some vintage reproduction fabric pieces from my stash.

Just keep adding fabric, pieces of lace, parts of vintage hankies and bits of embroidery that you salvaged from your stained vintage linens.  
I hot-glued everything but you could also use fabric glue.

After the entire straw form was covered, I decided to add some 
flower petals and leaves and a Bible verse from Song of Solomon.

Those stained linens that were packed away in a box are now 
visible again...looking pretty...showing off their best parts.

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