Monday, February 16, 2015

Vintage Plates Say "Spring!"

I DO love snow.  Really.  I DO.
Look at the loveliness outside my living room windows.
Well.  The sky is gray, the plant material is brown.
But other than that, it's lovely, right?

However, when it hovers just above or below zero, it's not as though
you can go outside and play or anything.
It IS pretty.  I DO love it.  I said that already.

Ahem.  Time to start thinking spring and gardening
and COLOR outside my windows.

There's a great product called water-slide decals that I learned about at
a blog I follow, The Polka Dot Closet.

I visit Goodwill and buy pretty plates, then I design my own
water-slide decals to mount on the plates.

The plates are usually 50 cents to a dollar.
The water-slide decals add another dollar or less.
For just a tiny expense, I have some lovely, inspirational wall art to sell or keep.  It will tide me over until the Gray and Brown Season is ended.
Only about three months to go.

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