Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage Elf Extreme Makeover

I found this bald, bulging-eyed, sort of scary-looking elf on a
lilypad at my local Goodwill store.  I knew I could give it
a "Darling Touch" makeover.

Step one.  Using a screwdriver and hammer, lightly tap to remove elf from lilypad.

Step two.  Wash elf and paint on hair, nicer eyes with eyebrows, and peach-colored lips to replace the bright red.

Step three.  Apply glitter on trim of elf costume. 

Step four.  Glue on a snowflake "hat" (with the best British fashion-forward inspiration) to cover chipped section.

Step five.  Give this cute little winter elf a home, using a vintage milk glass plate (that looks a lot like a snowflake), a Goodwill glass cloche with a vintage porcelain drawer pull on top, and some tiny snow-glittered trees.

A side-by-side before and after.  That's what I call an Extreme Makeover!

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