Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Pixie Cloche

When you live in a place where winter can last 
close to six months, you better embrace it.

Turn thrift-store items into 
long-lasting winter cuteness.
Plate and glass from Goodwill,
vintage drawer pull from my stash.

Broken figurine...she's missing her wings, so I gave
her a cashmere scarf (scrap from Goodwill sweater) to hide
the broken place.

Heart and pinecones from my stash, paper Christmas
gift I made to fit in the pixie's arms.

Copy vintage images and postcard backs from Google Images.
Glue them together to make your images
look like vintage postcards.

Here's the Christmas version...

Valentine's Day...


Here is she is "plain."  I 'll probably make some early spring
scenes with her holding spring snowdrops (March) or crocus (April).
By that time, we actually get to put our scarves and mittens away!

Here are the winter scenes I used...

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