Monday, April 13, 2015

Vintage Garden Books Repurposed

Apparently I was born into the wrong century or something because the things that visually stimulate and inspire me are always vintage.  Vintage books are another thing that I find an absolute joy to behold, but it can be tricky to find ways to display them so that you can bask in all that vintage goodness.

Here are some ways you can make those old lovelies functional and bring some vintage art to your space.

Vintage Book Chalkboards...

Use these for notes, reminders, phone messages, and more.
Sometimes the book titles are great but the covers themselves are a bit lackluster. In that case, I add images or objects that fit the theme to make them more appealing.

Vintage Book Hooks...

Use for key holders, jewelry displays or scarves.

Again, if the covers are completely dull, sometimes they need a little more, but oftentimes they're wonderful just the way they are.

It almost always "hurts" me to glue an old book shut, to drill or screw into it and make it unreadable.  But most of these books have been found in places where they've been donated because no one wants to read them anymore.

Every so often I find a gem that needs to be read and kept as a book, but many times these wonderful old covers have not-so-wonderful contents.
Re-purposing might be a nice way to appreciate books 
whose original purpose has come and gone.

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